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Kimberly Ellis (Owner of Ellis Business Solutions) and Laurie Miggins (Owner of Virtual Excellence) partnered to incorporate Officium Partners Inc. Kimberly and Laurie have a strong belief in Officium being support for other businesses to develop successfully. The partnership offers the services of accounting, bookkeeping, and virtual office support.

Kimberly Ellis has been providing the highest quality business solutions to companies in the Ottawa area for many years. With her years of education and skills, Kimberly provides professional-level accounting and perspective — at a senior bookkeeper’s fee. “I see the whole picture, and then get down to the details. I look at a business from 30,000 feet and work to put all the pieces together. Each piece that I work on will add up to the big picture. Kimberly is highly trained and brings a wealth of experience to her clients. She is a certified professional bookkeeper and holds a B.A. in Psychology.

Laurie Miggins has over 20 years of experience working within various industries in multiple support positions. With her background ranging from administrative coordinator to project manager, she is able to complete or manage any task or project down to its most specific detail. Over the years, she has developed an in-depth skill set in marketing, administration, operations and project support. Laurie strongly believes in being a lifetime learner continues her education through business courses that enhance her skills.

Kim and Laurie agree that managing a successful company of any size is challenging. Sometimes a business owner may need coaching to help the company reach full potential; in other situations, government mandated reports and remittances may be a big hassle and consumer of time.  Kim and Laurie have a strong sense of community and the need to support and network within it.  They have a broad network of professional connections created from their continued volunteer work and networking memberships. Officium helps businesses succeed by simplifying matters for their clients. Most business owners are great at providing products and services, however , Kimberly says “But may not understand the complexities of payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, and or office support.” We are here to make it simple, so you can get down to business!

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